I just don't think there's anything left to invent.

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The boys and I were talking today in the car on the way home from school. And I was cracking up, because Conner told me he didn't think that there was anything else left to invent. I told him that's exactly what I thought when I was his age! But oh how things have changed. I told them about telephones! And they were cracking up that phones used to have cords that went to the wall! And that you couldn't just walk anywhere you wanted to. And there was such a thing as a phone booth and payphones. They just laughed and laughed and laughed and thought it was so weird. I do enjoy technology, but at the same time I am sad that we rely so heavily on it. I am grateful for my smart phone, but at the same time I miss the old days where we couldn't be reached every minute of every day, and when people actually looked at each other and talked to each other, rather than texting or face booking or instagramming. And I am sad to say that I am just as guilty. It's been about 4 weeks now, but I have required myself to turn the cellular data off on my phone. Between the hours of 8 AM and 8 PM I really try to avoid Facebook, the Internet, Instagram, and Pinterest. It has been surprisingly Eye opening. And I don't even really miss checking all of that stuff almost every hour of the day. (You know you do it too!) Sometimes I will turn my cellular data back on so that I can get directions to somewhere, or look up a recipe for dinner or something like that. But I really have been successful at not using my phone other than phone calls and text messages during the day. It has been wonderful. I have noticed that I have improved the cleanliness of my home, and the interaction I have with my kids. I am not perfect of course, and there are some days where I give into the temptation of looking on Facebook! But all in all, It's been great. And I am thinking about getting one of these relics to have in our home so the boys do not grow up too entitled!

And yes. We are still going private with our blog. But I can't seem to get it to work!!!

the time has come.

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thanks for sharing our blog with us over the years.
it has meant a lot.
but the time has come...
to go private.
we don't really blog much on this blog anymore, and when we do it is pictures and memories of our family.
and i don't need or want strangers checking out my personal posts anymore.
so we will be going private this week.
please let me know if you would still like to follow along.
i would gladly add you to our list of readers.

griffin was a baby. and he had a blessing.

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and it was wonderful. 2 years ago!

a crab bake birthday party to remember.

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we do a crab bake every year. for the past 7 or 8 years. it's one of my favorite parties. you just can't go wrong with a table full of crab, shrimp, sausage, rolls, red potatoes, mussels, clams and butter. and henry weinhards root beer in the bottles. mmmm. this was our crab bake from last year. we usually celebrate merricks birthday at the same time. this year face painting was involved. or face marking i should say!

that one time at the beach.

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i just came across a ton of fun pictures from lots of our adventures. so there will be picture overload!

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